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Hippies and Disco (60's & 70's)

Hippies and Disco (60's & 70's)
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1960's Tie Dye Costume
You'll be the grooviest chick around if you wear our fabulous Tie Dye Dress! This gorgeous blue outf..
Ex Tax: $39.99
60's Flower Power Costume
Travel back in time to the 60s and 70s to become a free spirited hippie with our short multi-coloure..
Ex Tax: $39.99
60s Hippie Costume
60s Hippie Costume, Multi-Coloured, with Trousers, Top, Waistcoat, Medallion & Headband..
Ex Tax: $69.99
70's Disco Lady Costume
70s Disco Lady Costume, with Top, Trousers and Belt..
Ex Tax: $46.99
70's Flower Power Costume
Ex Tax: $39.99
70's Groovy Babe Costume
Fever 70s Groovy Babe Costume, Multi Coloured, with Top and Flared Trousers..
Ex Tax: $44.99
70's Retro Costume
70s Retro Costume, Black, with Psychedelic Pattern, Shirt and Flares..
Ex Tax: $65.99
Black Flares for Men
Mens black Flares..
Ex Tax: $44.99
Hippie Daisy Headband - Purple
Also comes in pink and blue..
Ex Tax: $5.99
Lavender 1970's Suit Costume
Lavender 1970's Suit Costume, Jacket with Mock Shirt and Waistcoat, Trousers..
Ex Tax: $57.99
Orion the Hippie Costume
Orion the Hippie Costume, Blue, with Top, Trousers, Headscarf & Medallion..
Ex Tax: $64.99
Rainbow Hippie Costume
Travel back to the 60's in our Rainbow Hippie Costume. Includes Rainbow coloured Dress and Headband..
Ex Tax: $49.99

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